Blender Children's pizza master class!

pizza master classI want to share a story about an interesting event. You know that I regularly conduct field pizza workshops for children and adults in Minsk. I love working with as children, they are the most grateful participants and viewers of my pizza shows. How much joy and sincere emotions I get during the performance! Special delight among children of all ages (yes, the guys, to be honest, and their parents too) is caused by pizza acrobatics. It's really spectacular and beautiful and if you haven't already seen this performance in I advise you to correct the situation and invite me to visit. A pizza master class will perfectly fit into any holiday format: birthday, family celebration, school holidays, corporate events, corporate presentations, corporate functions, corporate tours, corporate jets… All you need for a show with my participation is a small room and a fun company. All necessary banking details I bring it with me.But I digress a little from my story. This time I was invited to the Orthodox Church of the Holy Great Martyr Anastasia Uzoreshitelnitsa in Minsk to conduct a children's pizza master class. CONTINUE READING USING THE LINK AT THE BEGINNING